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TechSonic also distributes a selection of specialized audio visual products that give a more complete solution within your boardroom. Dynamic products contribute to creating the perfect meeting room. The screen is only viewed when required and is retracted inside the table surface when is not used; keeping the table totally free of any obtrusive element through the simple touch of a button or remotely controlled.

 Exclusive, elegant and smart solutions, built in solid aluminium and stainless steel , that have been designed taking into consideration the needs of the installation; making it really easy and providing tools for the remote control and diagnose. This patented product range provides a natural and an improved ergonomic working position without hiding or closing out the rest of the attendees.

 Thanks to an extremely fast and silent lift system, the monitors can be hidden when they are not in use and optionally, can be supplied with a touch screen, motorised gooseneck microphones and built-in camera. Dynamic1 retractable monitors have vertical movement and are available in 15″ and 17″ in 4:3 format, and in 17, 19″ & 22″ widescreen. Optionally, the monitors are also available with Touch Screen, camera and built in audio conference system. The cover plate can also be customised adding USB connectors our any other useful element.

Polycom Group Series – Group 310 (G310)

Delivers high quality video at a breakthrough price for smaller meeting rooms, huddle rooms, and offices.

Interoperability with Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365, BlueJeans onVideo Meetings and Zoom Room Connector. Giving you unparalleled qaulity in-room meeting experience to subscribers of cloud-based video meetings.

Cisco SX20 Video Conferencing

This set delivers high-definition video and multiparty conferencing. Three camera options accommodate room size and configurations at a value price. It delivers the performance of more expensive systems in a sleek, compact, multifeatured package.
The SX20 Quick Set can transform a flat panel display into a high-definition telepresence system with simple, intuitive connections for simple setup.

Zoom Room Solution with Logitech Camera Solution

Now you can use any USB camera with Zoom Codec device to run powerful Zoom Meetings in any room of any size, using familiar user friendly perpheral divices.

Zoom Rooms support unlimited Camera and USB microphone placement.

Interoperability with Skype for Business, 1 GB cloud recording space, 100 participant multipoint call from any PTSN phone, Mobile or Desktop devices. Content sharing inside video meetings with Annotations.

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