Logitech Rally Plus Camera

  • Upgrade your large room meeting experience with cinema-quality video, outstanding color, and exceptional optical accuracy.
  • Motorized PTZ with Right Sight auto-framing
  • 4K-resolution sensor and fine detailed 4K-quality lens
  • 5x optical zoom, enhanced digitally to 15x total zoom

Logitech Rally Plus Speakers

  • Rally’s ultra-low distortion speakers deliver crystal clear, room-filling sound and make sure every voice is clearly heard.
  • High-performance speaker drivers
  • Patented anti-vibration suspension system for full duplex
  • Port tubes for enhanced low frequencies
  • This diagram is not an exact replica of Rally’s interior. The color is intended to highlight features.


Logitech Rally Plus Mic Pod

  • RightSound™ for automaticvoice-leveling and noisesuppression
  • Precision zinc frame for insulationagainst table vibrations
  • Adaptive beamforming micarray
  • Easy access mute button withLED status indicator
Logitech Rally Zoom Room Solution


  • Plug and play Rally Plus with any PC, Mac, or Chromebox via USB

Perfect for Large Rooms

  • Auto-level loud and soft voices – while suppressing unwanted noise – with AI-based RightSound™ technology that improves over time.
  • Focus on the active talker with high-precision beamforming mics.
  • Hear and be heard at the same time with excellent full duplex.

Camera Mounting Bracket

Expansion Microphones

Options give you versatility

  • Add Rally Mounting Kit for a streamlined installation of each component. Strong wall mounts allow ideal placement for the camera and two speakers, while ventilated mounting plates attach the display and table hubs on a wall or beneath a table. Two cleverly-designed retainers keep cables secure.
  • A more flexible alternative to daisy-chain connections, Rally Mic Pod Hub makes it easy to run cables beneath the table with three connections for Rally Mic Pods or additional Mic Pod Hubs. With a single-cable connection, participants can reposition individual mic pods to make space on the table or to bring mute control within easy reach.

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