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TechSonic was founded in 2009 as a specialized Technology Company to provide superior service delivery to the EMEA market and our Partners.  Zoom is at the core of TechSonic and we envision an African continent making Zoom as the core business tool for the future. At TechSonic we believe in attracting people who are passionate about what they do and focusing this passion on delivering excellence in everything we do.

The Products We Offer

Video Conferencing

Pre-Build Zoom Room Solutions for your Video Conferencing needs.


Logitech has your video conference needs covered with HD webcams, video conference systems, and headsets.


As a leader in designing and developing hardware and software for video and audio capture, processing, conversion, streaming and playout.

MXL Microphones

MXL Microphones offers high-quality USB microphones for vocal and instrument recordings, Web conferences, podcasts and broadcasts.


Customized Brackets for iPad, Android Tablets, Displays, Cable Management or Mobile Trolleys.


Get unlimited digital signage for your company using any display with Zoom Rooms on the Access4.


Aver USB Camera Solutions for Software defined Video Conferencing Rooms, with great PTZ and optical Zoom.


Most neglected aspect of the room is the Room Acoustics, simple and affordable wall treatment for sound reverberation.

Pulse Eight

Recommended by Zoom. Reduce energy costs & schedule TVs for Zoom Operation Time. Works for Single, Dual and Three screens in a Zoom Room

Zoom Web Conferencing

The Cloud video and audio conferencing software that offers you so much more value besides what you would expect from just another Hosted Video Server. They are revolutionary in their thinking of technology and this partnership with Zoom would enable you to have a subscription that would just evolve as technology changes in the future. We are very proud to be the Authorized Reseller of Zoom in Africa since 2014, we have seen the product evolve from its infant stages to this “Happy” monster that have taken so much market share from other veteran Cloud Service providers. TechSonic have Certified Zoom Integrators that allow us to easy deploy multiple Zoom Rooms Globally from small to medium enterprise to massive International companies.

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