Wireless Interactive Presentation Gateway

Show your laptop or mobile device on screen via WiFi.

Allows PC, Mac, Pad, Smartphone share display and communicate with one another.


  • Windows/Mac screen/audio projection
  • Full Mobile integration with easy-to-use apps
  • WiFi 802.1b/g/n with HDMI and VGA Video Interface
  • 4-to-1 Quadrant Screen Projection


Highlighted features

Mobile applications for iPad/iPhone and Android Pad/Phone

WiFi-Doc (Project MS-office files (doc, xls, ppt) & PDF document from iPad/iPhone or Android Tablet/Phone)

MobiShow (Interactive PPT presentation via iPad / iPhone or Android Tablet/Phone)

Browser Slides (Allow audience to use web browser to view the presenting screen image and save them for note-taking)

Side Pad (Use iPad/iPhone or Android Tablet/Phone to control the projecting PC or Mac)


Interactive functions

  • Remote desktop using USB mouse/keyboard
  • IWB support (thru standard USB HID)
  • SidePad
  • High output resolution and projection speed
  • 1920x1080 through HDMI, 1600x1200 through VGA interfaces
  • 30 FPS desktop image & audio projection (WiFi@HD; LAN@Full-HD)
  • 4-to-1 screen projection up to 30 FPS


Basic features

  • Windows/Mac screen/audio projection
  • MobiShow for iPad/iPhone, Android Pad/Phone and Blackberry
  • Plug&Show: launching the projection application from a USB thumb drive
  • 4-to-1 Quadrant Screen Projection
  • SNMP Manager: manage/configure multiple WiPGs through SNMP consoles
  • Conference Control: Mediator function through the device web page
  • Support up to 64 login users
  • Security design: Session Login Code, WEP/WPA key, and GateKeeper
  • HDMI and VGA dual video interfaces
  • WiFi AP-Client mode support
  • WiFi 802.1b/g/n