Control Systems

Reseller of AMX and Crestron and in-house skill to program both systems.


All room enviroments require a centralized control point, that enable to the user to focus on the job at hand. Rather than falling over remotes and asking support staff to faciliate different devices within that enviroment.

TechSonic is a company that will configure all your room devices from a single easy to use interface.





Typical uses include room automation in boardrooms, auditoriums, classrooms, museums or home theaters, where users use fixed and wireless touch panels and remotes to control devices such as video projectors and displays, PCs, DVD and VCR players and recorders, cameras, teleconferencing systems, audio/video switchers and processing equipment, motorized projection screens, drapes, lighting, HVAC systems, and a wide variety of other types of equipment. Other common uses include entertainment systems, industrial command and control centers, security systems, hotels and restaurants. There are many other applications.






Crestron Electronics is a company that manufactures systems for home automation and audio/video control. The hardware developed by Crestron includes programmable controllers including touch panels, keypads, and lighting control systems. The company sells its products through dealers who purchase, install, and program Crestron systems for residential and commercial automation.





Extron started with a single product in 1983, and has since developed thousands of innovative AV solutions for a diverse and demanding global marketplace. We design and manufacture AV components that work together to convert, switch and distribute signals, and control entire AV systems from a single interface. Our products enable effective communication in a variety of presentation environments, such as classrooms, boardrooms, houses of worship, lecture halls, and control centers. Today we have 30 offices worldwide, and back every product we make with uncompromising service, support, and solutions.